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You Are Not Alone

Below are a list of community resources that are here to support you.

Click on the logo for additional information.

Community Works Women's Business Center.GIF

The CommunityWorks Women’s Business Center (WBC) serves women and men throughout South Carolina by empowering entrepreneurs through advocacy, outreach, education and support. The center focuses on serving those who may be economically disadvantaged – working to offer comprehensive training and counseling to foster business skills.

First Impression Logo.JPG

Our mission is to advocate for families and individuals in times of crisis.  We are a One Stop Shop for outreach and referrals.

Greenville Family court logo.GIF

                                                                                    350 Halton Road Greenville, SC 29607

New mailing address:

Greenville County Family Court

P.O. Box 27107

Greenville, SC 29616

Phone: 864-467-5800

Gravity Counseling Group logo.JPG

At Gravity Counseling Group we aim to create a safe space for every individual to grow through the strength of words shared in the confines of this space. Making changes in your life requires time and energy.

Unted Way logo 211.jpg

SC 2-1-1 serves as a safety net for all individuals needing help finding assistance, by helping improve the effectiveness and coordination of health and human services across the state. The statewide program provides information about and referral to health and human service resources. The service is available 24/7, 365 days per year. It is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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